How to promote your merch

Congratulations! Your swag is in the store. Now we need to make it visible for your project's users to inform them about the opportunity to support your project and buy your awesome merchandising.

There are some ways how you can promote your store on your side:

  1. Badge on GitHub
  2. Sponsor link on GitHub
  3. Widget on your website/page
  4. Newsletter or blog post
  5. Project or personal social media

We recommend using all possible channels to increase visibility and users engagement. You can find the instructions for each channel below.

Badge on GitHub

You can add a badge on top of the project's README page. By clicking this badge people will get to your store's webpage with the list of the products. You can also add a text description to this badge, for example about the goal you raise funds.

To add the badge just insert this code:

 <span class="badge-geekswag">
<a href="" title="Get Our Merch"><img src="" alt="Get a Merch donate button" /></a>

Please do not forget to put your project name to the URL as it is on the Geekswag website.

Sponsor link on GitHub

GitHub allows you to add up to four links to the Sponsors section on your page.

To add the link go to Settings -> Features -> Sponsorships and click the "Adding funding links" button. By editing FUNDING.yml add the code and save changes:

 custom: [""]

Please do not forget to put your project name to the URL as it is on the Geekswag website.

Widget on your website / page

If you manage any other online resources as a blog or your project website you can place a JavaScript widget there.

Geekswag Widget

Your users can buy your merch directly on your website or they can be forwarded to the Geekswag website. It is an easy and convenient way to present your merchandising.

To install the widget contact us with the request. Our specialist will generate the code and share it with you. You will need to add it to your web page only.

Newsletter or blog post

You can leverage the tools you usually use to announce any updates for your users and contributors. It can be a newsletter to a mailing list, announcement on GitHub, website, or blog. If you need help with promotional content as photos, text, etc., contact us.

Project or personal social media

Share the information about your merchandising on your social media. All the project store pages contain social sharing images. You can share the exact product or your project's collection. 

What do we do on Geekswag side?

1. Google Search. All the products and your store are automatically promoted on Google Search with your brand's keywords. 

2. We use retargeting by Google Ads to remind visitors about the products they've already seen in the store.