About Us

GEEKSWAG is a team of open-source philosophy enthusiasts. We design, make, and sell branded merch for open-source projects. 

Our concept is quite simple. We want open-source software (OSS) to gain more visibility coming to the spotlight with distinguished apparel and flashy accessories that feel comfortable in day-to-day life.

Let’s help open-source projects in getting recognition

Open source is a big world. There are more than 100,000 open-source projects on GitHub alone. But how many of them do you personally know and use? Now you have a great opportunity to show a project that commands your respect to your surroundings - just put on a T-shirt with its design or take its mug to the office.

Money contribution is a contribution too  

We know firsthand how difficult it is to develop free software used by thousands of developers, but not to be able to pay for hosting. Therefore, we donate 70% of the revenue from each purchase to OSS supporters.

Let your cool T-shirt be an every-day reminder of your contribution to the development of your favorite project.

Only quality and genuine merchandise

We sell only branded merchandise. This means that we agree on collaborations with each project individually. We help them to finalize the corporate identity and create an individual design for each project. It doesn't matter whether it is printing or embroidery, we control the quality of our products to make you satisfied (and if not, we will refund your money). At the same time, we do not want the merch to cost a fortune. It is meant to be available to everyone.

Are you a real open source?

We would like the whole world to go open source. But this is utopia. In the real world, we still cannot completely abandon the use of proprietary software. This statement would be sly. But all of us can do something to help develop an open-source community using means available to them. We chose our own way. What about you?

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    You will be satisfied with the quality. If not, we will refund the money without asking questions.
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