For Open Source Projects

Are you an open-source software owner or maintainer? We are open for cooperation with open-source projects of any scale and will be happy to create cool merchandise for your users.

Why do you need this?

  1. You can increase the awareness of your software. The word of mouth works better than any ad, and a T-shirt with your original design will help spread the word about your project directly inside your target audience.
  2. Do you have a financial goal? Do you want to develop rather than seek funding? Geekswag helps you collect donations. We transfer 70% of the profit from each product sold with your logo to your account.
  3. Products with your branding will be a great swag that you can distribute to your loyal users or contributors.

Zero involvement needed

We take care of all the operations including:

  • Merch design
  • Producing swag
  • Sales
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Customer support

Place your merch on your website, blog, or directly on GitHub

Bring your design closer to your users. We will provide you with the widget code that you can easily place on your site or directly on the GitHub page. This will help users learn about your merchandise faster.

Three steps to join our project

  1. Fill out a short application form and let us know about your interest. We will contact you in 24 hours to collect additional information about your project.
  2. Describe how your merch should look like with our designer and agree on mockups. We will do the rest.
  3. Tell your users about your merchandise, place a widget on your site. Get sales reports and your payment.


To start selling your own merch please contact us via this form

  • Email Support

    Don't know what to choose or have questions about delivery and payment? We will help!

    Contact us

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    You will be satisfied with the quality. If not, we willrefund the moneywithout asking questions.
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  • Shipping worldwide

    We do not know a country where our parcels would not reach.

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